Composite: Resysta


Resysta is bio-based wood substitute made of approx. 60% rice husk as well as approx. 22% rock salt and approx. 18% mineral oil. Resysta looks like wood and stands out for its high mechanical strength, thermal stability as well as chemical resistance. Unlike wood, Resysta is swell-, splinter and crack-free, does not gray or fade and withstands pest infestation. Therefore Resysta products are very durable and don’t require special care or maintenance.

It is therefore especially suitable for outdoor use like decking and siding as well as for wellness and pool areas, where high strain, aggressive weather, temperature and environmental influences take effect.

Furthermore, Resysta products provide for an exceptionally beneficial eco-balance. Resysta takes agricultural waste and transforms it into a durable building product with many applications. Approximately 60% (by volume) of the proprietary formula is rice husks, a rapidly renewable resource in great supply. Calcium carbonate and synthetic plastic polymer combined with the ARF (Active Resysta Filler) at extremely high temperatures yield a product that can be formed to almost any shape or size. Resysta qualifies for third party sustainability certifications based on its renewable resource content and being 100% recyclable in the manufacturing process and after many years of use. Resysta does NOT contain any wood and therefore does not contribute to deforestation. Resysta can be finished with over 30 beautiful water-based stains and sealed to assure color durability.