Thermally Modified Wood: Thermowood


ThermoWood® is a wood material produced by using natural methods, heat and steam. Thermal modification improves the wood’s technical properties and ThermoWood is non-toxic, dimensionally stable, resistant to decay and resin free. It can be used inside or outdoors, in any climate. These solid wood floors are both exquisite and tough. This thermal process, practiced by the Vikings to increase the durability and longevity of their ships, renders the wood naturally moisture, mold and mildew resistant.

The beautiful durability of Thermowood adds a natural elegance to any space, both indoors and out, commercial and residential. For outdoors imagine decks, pathways, walls, showers and saunas which never need chemical applications and are naturally moisture, mold, mildew and pest resistant.

 ThermoWood® properties

  • Dimensional stability

  • Reduced equilibrium moisture content

  • Improved durability against decay 

  • Reduced thermal conductivity 

  • Resin removed 

  • Consistent color through the wood 

  • Non toxic material 

  • Reduced splitting strength 

  • Slightly reduced bending strength