Baba Antique Wooden Floors is the exclusive distributor on the West Coast of the Antique Heart Pine which is historically shown to be pound for pound stronger than steel.

The stone piers of The Brooklyn Bridge are built upon great heart pine caissons. The Brooklyn Bridge, spanning nearly a mile and weighing over 29,400 tons, is suspended on two great limestone and granite towers. Each tower rises more than 320 degrees from the bed of the river and rests directly on a caisson constructed entirely of heart pine. These wooden caissons support the entire weight of the bridge to this day.

When it was completed in 1883, The Brooklyn Bridge was considered to be the eighth wonder of the world. One hundred years later it was examined to see if structural repairs were needed. The bridge itself built by Roebling was found to be six times stronger than it would ever need to be, including the great cables, ties, the chorales, the piers and the great heart pine footings themselves, were found to be as strong and as intact as the day the bridge had been completed. The heart pine footings, part of Roebling’s dream, should last forever.

Antique Heart Pine is pound for pound stronger than steel. These floorboards have been gently dried to perfection by their exposure to light and air for more than a century. They show marks of past exposure including, nail holes, subtle worn areas, and a very deep, rich color.

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