Visionary staircases and premier frameless doors.


Designer Staircases


Over 2000 design combinations of step form, step material, stringers, railings and lighting await you in a revolutionary new stair production. Each INSENSATION staircase, landing and railing is manufactured exactly to your measurements, pre-assembled in their factory and each drilling and bolt is quality-checked. There are no standard sizes. The installation can be accomplished by any contractor, normally within one day.  INSENSATION prices are about half of what other manufacturers charge.


Glass Staircases

Insensation manufactures unique designer glass staircases that contain not too much and not too little. This principle allows engineered designs for which there is nothing comparable on the rest of the market. We don’t imitate, we invent.

The base of our staircases is anodised aluminum. Our goal is to continually develop stairs that can be installed in the most diverse interiors, ranging from very modern and contemporary to more classical and even rustic.

We set the bar very high for our designs. We develop staircases that are both durable and timeless, our ultimate goal is to bring a considerable added value into your projects.


Illuminated Staircases

Some of our staircases can be illuminated, either in the stringers or in the glass steps. The illumination of our glass steps is equally visible from the top and the bottom of the staircase, making a stairwell lighting almost obsolete. All lighting is available in colors and dimmable, and is controlled by an App from your smartphone.


Steel Staircases

Insensation offers a line of steel and wood staircases specifically for contractors and architects looking for good quality with a great price. These stairs with full glass railings are priced to beat any competitor.

Because of its extremely heavy weight, steel staircases require much more installation time than lightweight metals like aluminum.

Their steel staircases can be manufactured with one stringer against the wall. This stringer is usually fixed to the wall, the outer side of the steps is held by the glass railing.

They can also be made more traditionally with two steel stringers, making wall connections unnecessary.

The staircases are manufactured in straight, 1/4 turn, 1/2 turn and spiral formats.


Floating Staircases

Insensation manufactures floating staircases with glass, wood or aluminum treads. Each staircase is custom made in all possible forms. The railings are frameless glass, in some cases it is aesthetically more pleasing and cheaper to put a glass wall next to the staircase as a barrier.

The steps are mounted directly into a solid wall and held by the glass railing. We provide a template for preparing the wall connections.


Frameless Glass Railings

We offer two times of code-compliant, sleek and minimal design railings for our staircases, landings, walkways and horizontal railings.

The framed glass railing is a minimal aluminum framed railing with a 9 mm safety glass, available in any color. The aluminum is natural anodised and is timeless. We can also color the railing in any RAL color you wish.

The full glass railings are just that, full glass, with no visible profiles. The glass is 21 mm, structural, safety glass, which can be manufactured in any color. These railings cost significantly more as the glass is very thick and heavy. We also supply handrails for the top of the full glass railings in stainless steel and wood, as well as a range of matching aluminum and stainless steel handrails for the walls.