Resilient Flooring is an engineered product that is manufactured using various types of flexible, “bouncy” material such as cork, natural linoleumand acrylic infused.

Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl floors and LVT (Luxury vinyl tile) have been pushed along to make some rapid and continual improvements. The impressive beauty of vinyl floors, combined with vinyl's unique design qualities, helps explain its increasing popularity.

  • Highly realistic visuals and textures that mimic hardwood and natural stone

  • On-trend styles & finishes: reclaimed and rustic woods, multi-width planks, limestone, sandstone, slate and other natural materials. 

  • Also offered in a variety of tiles and diverse color patterns


Environmentally preferred, Linoleumis made from natural, raw materials:solidified linseed oil(linoxyn), pine rosin, ground cork dust, wood flour, and mineral fillers such as calcium carbonate, most commonly on a burlap or canvas backing. Pigments are often added to the materials to create the desired colour finish.

An all-natural alternative to vinyl, Linoleum is extremely durable, withstanding heavy traffic and scratches, and lasts for decades. Linoleum comes in a wide variety of colors, from quiet neutrals to vibrant hues, and the color runs all the way through rather than being printed on the surface. Choose from sheets or tiles. Sheet linoleum lends itself to vibrant designs through borders and insets, while tiles can be arranged in virtually any pattern imaginable.

Acrylic Infused

Design Hardwood Flooring offers a unique, natural and organic line of acrylic infused products. They are manufactured with a unique infusion process that transforms ordinary and uninspiring composite or agricultural boards to elegant, hard and a very durable surface material.

We infuse acrylic resin into composite boards in order to create a hard and robust product that is suitable for a high wear application. Our product is made from sustainable material so it can contribute to LEED certification when used in green building projects. The warm, exotic and organic appearance of acrylic infused products makes it ideal for a distinctive look.


Cork has excellent thermal and acoustical qualities. It's beautiful, lightweight, warm to the touch, hypoallergenic, fire and insect-resistant, stable and can be refinished just like hardwood.