Hardwood Flooring

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  • SPECIES : Oak, Walnut, Pine, Hickory, Chestnut, Poplar, Cypress, Pine, Exotics)

  • CONSTRUCTION : Engineered vs. solid

  • SOURCE : New or antique or reclaimed

  • STYLE : Rustic (knots) or Select (no knots)




What style of wood flooring is right for your next project?

American Hardwood

American hardwood floors are a natural choice. Wood is natural and grows in our forests. It is beautiful to look at, comfortable to walk on, creates an ambience that lasts a long time and is non-allergenic. 

Once harvested and milled, American hardwoods offer a great variety of colour, grain and character; from the warm, darker tones of red oak, cherry and alder to the lighter hues of maple, tulipwood and ash. 

European Oak

European Oak comes from any Oak tree, anywhere in Europe. The age and species of the Oak does not matter, as long as it is an Oak from Europe. The source of this timber is notregulated, meaning that the age of trees, species and parts of the trees used are not controlled. The processing and grading regulations for European Oak differ between countries, however many countries that manufacture using this Oak purchase their material from a variety of suppliers. The end result is a mixed source in the finished product.

When you consider that an Oak floor will out live the people who commission it, care should be taken in understanding what you are actually purchasing. DESIGN HARDWARE provides certificates of origin and country of harvest declaration, so you can be sure that you are getting what you are paying for.

French Oak

To make it simple French Oak comes in two species, it varies from region to region, however general consistency can be obtained by not mixing species and the age of the trees, keeping them at around 200 to 250 years old. French Oak is from managed forests with sustainable logging practices.

When purchasing French Oak Flooring ensure it has a certificate of origin which includes the country of harvest. Timber that is processed in France is separated into four sections according to it's usage.

•    1. The base of the tree, known as the A-section is used for barrels

•    2/3. sections B and C, from the middle of the tree, are used for the joinery of flooring

•    4. D-section is used for external applications, such as railway sleepers.

French Oak flooring is processed and graded using strict guidelines by FNB, which manages many of the saw millers in France, they have very clear grading rules and methods for drying. Many products made with French Oak have single origin material, which guarantees consistency and the quality of the finished product.

Antique Wood

Antique wood bears the scars of its past and has a weathered appearance. Over the decades, the elements have done their part to weather a deep patina onto the wood. We sell Antique French and American Wood that has been aged for 100 years or more in the form of barns, farmhouses, factories, warehouses and other historic structures. Reclaimed wood is aged wood that has been recycled and re-milled rather than destroyed or discarded. 

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood floors and beams celebrate their age and offer a sustainable solution. As we focus on reducing carbon emissions, there is no question that longer the life a wooden product has, the longer that carbon is sequestered.


Wood flooring comes in several popular patterns: French point, herringbone, chevron, parquet as well as mixed-material patterns.  


DESIGN HARDWARE offers bespoke bespoke service to clients wishing to create a unique floor of their own. Working in close collaboration with our artisan floor makers, we will use only the very best in premium raw materials, using time won skills and knowledge to handcraft the floor of your dreams.

In engineered or solid, from clean-grade pale contemporary style through to heavily aged in narrow or wide-plank, pattern floors in Chevron, Herringbone and Versailles panels in surface finish options such as aging, brushing and hand-scraped, the choices are limited only by imagination.


There are many exotic species of wood throughout the world. Trees are exotic based on their physical properties, appearance and availability. Exotic woods often have unique colors and grains. Some have resins that change looks if heated. Some species grow in one place only, while others are located where they are difficult to reach. Exotic woods posses a high quality and a distinct beauty.